Amazing Artists of Hill Country Comicon

Amazing Artists of Hill Country Comicon

By Michael Macias


        Ramos Design


This is the first year that New Braunfels had their first ever Comicon and I have to say we were impressed! First off, we want to thank Hill Country Comicon for having us attend their event this year it was an absolute honor.  The artist that attended were so talented, you can tell that they put in the time and effort in their products.   


by: RamosDesign 

While we attended, we were able to meet some very well-known artists, such as, David Soto, Juan Ramos, Julia Mann, Carina Guevara, Damon Bowie, and so many other’s with so much talent.  The art work that we saw was really detailed, cartoony and funny. They really brought the characters that we love on an everyday basis to life.  



Yarno Arts


      We had the opportunity to actually had some talk with Juan Ramos and David Soto about their career. They have been in the industry for a very long time and their work really how dedicated they are to their craft.  I learned how much time they take throughout the day to make sure their work is perfect for all to see. They are very humble and appreciative of the praise they receive for their work. Now if you missed them this year Ramos will be attending Dallas Expo and Soto will be attending Corpus Christi Con, so do not forget to let them know who sent you.  





As an overall review I believe what the artist brought to the table for Hill Country was done extremely well!  Really over the top artwork for all fans. They out did themselves and I cannot wait to see them at the next upcoming events.  



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