Get On My Team: 10 Players The Spurs Should Target In The Offseason

Get On My Team: 10 Players The Spurs Should Target In The Offseason

By Chris Manley


When I watch an NBA game and I see a non-spurs player I’d like to play for the Spurs I yell at them “Get on My Team”. Not unlike Lavar Ball I’m trying to speak it into existence. I compiled a list of players here the spurs should acquire in one shape or form. I’d like to preface this by yelling at the top of my lungs “Rudy Gay Stay on My Team!” Rudy has been great this year and he’s a free agent again this offseason, so I’d like to see him back preferably on the same 1yr deal given his injury history and age. Realistically this Spurs roster will be fairly like these years. Despite a few tweaks in personnel. There’s not a lot of guards on this list as we’re log jammed now with Murray, Forbes, white, walker, mills, Marco etc. all deserving of playing time. I don’t see the spurs adding many more guards anytime soon.

Here’s the list of players I want to “Get on My Team!

  1. Trade for Montrezl Harrell- Pf/C-LAC

Harrell is the kind of player the spurs haven’t had since they let Dedmon walk… he’s an ultra-athletic big man who protects the rim and can jump out of the gym. Jakob Poettl has shown to be effective in the same ways David Lee was with straight up hustle on both ends. Harrell could play Dedmon to Poettl’s Lee in spells recreating some of the magic of the Ded-Lee connection of a few years back. Dedmon and Lee would run other team’s second units out of the gym with their grind and hustle. Harrell and Poettl could be an even better version. Averaging 16 ppg without getting plays called for him Harrell has been great on offensive side for the Clips. He’s getting that production off put backs and dunks. His dunks have been ferocious

That’s something else the spurs have been lacking…. big time dunks. Those dunks along with good rebounding and shot blocking make me say “Montrezl Harrell Get on my team!” The clips are trying to unload salary and collect assets as they clear cap room to sign max contact players. Harrell could probably be had for the higher of our two first round picks

  1. Draft Charles Bassey- C- Western Kentucky

With two picks in the draft we’d be best served using the higher pick in a trade to move down a few spots. If we can I hope the Spurs give San Antonio native Charles Bassey the call. The Nigerian born big man had High school ineligibility issues while at St. Anthony’s that landed him at a smaller college program thus dropping his exposure and his draft status, but this guy is like a young Dwight Howard and probably the best kid to come out of SA since Shaq. Hess proven he can score (14ppg) and block shots (2bpg) at a high rate on the collegiate level. If he were at Kentucky instead of Western Kentucky, he might be a high lottery pick. If we took him, let him develop, sent him to Austin to play some, let him work with the spur’s player development coaches, let him pick Duncan’s brain and he could become a home-grown monster and a draft day steal. Bassey …. get on my team!

  1. Sign Dewayne Dedmon- C- Atl

Speaking of recreating the Ded-Lee connection what better way to do so then to bring Dewayne Dedmon himself back in the fold? Both the Spurs and Dedmon missed each other dearly in their time apart. Dedmon brought lob dunks, blocked shots and a mean streak, a toughness that couldn’t be measured on the stat sheet. He was like Mario Ellie in that when he was on the court nobody was going to push the Spurs around. Dedmon and Aldridge had good chemistry together. Dedmon and Poettl would be fan favorites with their hustle and grind. Dedmon’s rim protection allows you to play 3 baller big Davis Bertans more. Letting Dedmon go was a mistake. Bringing him back would rectify that mistake. Dedmon damn it gets on my team!

  1. Trade for Jonathon Simmons- F- PHI

If we’re rectifying the mistakes of two off seasons ago let’s bring Juice back too! Simmons was a versatile offensive spark plug and a fan favorite to boot. A diamond we found in summer league the spurs inexplicably let him walk away. Bringing him back would work much the same as bringing Bellinelli did. He knows the defense… he can fit right in without a beat. His chase down blocks were becoming a thing of legend

Imagine a lineup of Murray, DeRozan, Simmons, Gay and Aldridge. That’s a small ball death lineup that could do a lot of playoff damage. Juice get back on my team!

6 Draft Bol Bol- C- Oregon

Like Bassey we’d probably have to use both our picks to move up to draft Bol, son of NBA legend Manute Bol. It’d be smart if we did though as Bol is an elite post defender the likes of which we haven’t seen since Timmy himself. This guy is a game changer as he blocks shots like a monster but also has a keen shooting touch all the way to the 3-point line. He’d be a top five pick if it weren’t for stress fractures in his foot that caused him to miss all but nine games this season. At 7’2” foot issues will likely be a constant for him, but I’d trust the spurs staff to keep him healthy and he’d be a great prospect to mold into the next great spur big.

  1. Sign Taj Gibson- C- MIN

Anytime the spurs add a new player we always ask, “Is he a Spurs guy?”. Ever since the days of The Admiral, Sean Elliott And the Little General being a “Spurs guy” is less about on the court skill and more about being a stellar human off the court. By that definition Gibson may be the most qualified “Spurs guy” of anyone who never actually played for the Spurs. Like Manu, Taj had the skills to start for any NBA team but willingly accepted a bench role to help team chemistry. The internet is littered with stories of Gibson’s charitable actions. He’s older now and past his prime but he’s exactly what the spurs need on the court with his tough defense and rebounding.

He’d be a leader in the locker room and a coach on the floor. He went to Minnesota to reunite with Coach Tibbs and now that he’s gone, I can’t see him staying there. He may end up retiring at the end of the season but if he doesn’t Taj Gibson get on my team.

  1. Trade for Michael Porter Jr.- F- Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets are already one of the league’s top teams with roster depth any team would envy but they are sitting on a goldmine in Michael Porter Jr. Porter, who would’ve been a top five pick in last year’s draft but dropped due to a back injury. Porter has healed and videos have surfaced of him dunking. The nuggets are going to keep him out for the remainder of the season, but we can imagine once he’s unleashed, he’ll be ready to make a big difference. I’m sure the nuggets understand his potential so it’d cost a pretty penny to land him perhaps our two first round picks with one of our guard prospects would land him. Maybe that’s too rich for the spurs front office but no one we could draft could turn into porter if he reaches his ceiling.

  1. Draft Tyler Herro- SG-Kentucky

I mentioned before the Spurs currently have a log jam at guard so the need is low but in this NBA you can never have too many 3 pt shooters. Herro is a nightmare for opponents from deep. He is a knockdown shooter with ice in his veins. He will struggle to defend on the NBA level though unless a team like the spurs who develop talent takes him under their wing. He’d frustrate Pop early (there’s video of Callipari berating him for bad defense) but if he learned to be passable on that end of the court, he’d be a great floor spacer for us shooting daggers from outside.

  1. Sign Kenneth Faried- F/C- HOU

This season The Manimal has risen like the Phoenix from the ashes of what was his wasted NBA potential. Once considered a sure bet all-star, Faried was at one point on top of the basketball world. His highlight reel dunks, insane leaping ability and stellar rim protection earned him acclaim and a try out for Team USA. Faried was rewarded with a large contract from the Nuggets. Shortly thereafter his career took a nose dive. In an ever-changing NBA where stretch fours are a must and converted G/F’s like Joe Johnson and Rudy Gay make the perfect smallball PF Faried struggled to defend away from the basket. His lack of shooting and post moves made him unplayable and his large contract was often called the worst in the league. He failed to get going when he was sent to Brooklyn which didn’t bode well for his career. Fast forward to the all-star break Faried received a buyout and signed with the Rockets. Like a rocket Faried’s production was like it had been shot of out of a cannon. Instantly posting big numbers in pts, rbs, and blocks. Under Coach D’Antoni Faried is The Manimal again and it’s like he never fell off. Faried could earn big money in the open market after this accession…. he could resign with the rockets to reward the coach who helped him, like Stella, get his groove back but if he decides to look elsewhere, he’d make a good fit in silver and black as a running mate with Aldridge. On a team whose two biggest weapons are mid-range shooters (LA and DeRozan) Faried can feast put backs and lob passes down low. Manimal get on my team.

1 Draft Sekou Doumbouya- PF-France

Doumbouya is a freak athlete with the size and speed of a train and a name ready for Sports Center. I can hear espn hosts now saying “Doom- booya” after dunks. Unlike Herro, Doumbouya’s defense would get him instant playing time even as a rookie. We’ve been hit or miss on French prospects in the past. Parker became a spur legend but livio Jean Charles and nando de colo are names destined to be forgotten. With Doumbouya’s electric leaping prowess he’s more likely to hit than miss.

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