DeltronZ Short Movie Review (Light Spoilers)

DeltronZ Short Movie Review (Light Spoilers)

Captain Marvel or Mar-Vel is the most recent installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I was not certain of the movie when I first saw the trailers, personally I was just not interested in the movie at all. After the events that took place in Infinity War I felt as if we as Avengers Fans were beaten and did not know how to come back from such a loss. I recently had an opportunity to see the movie 3 days before the official release. We all know you do not turn down free Marvel movie and well ladies and gentlemen, I am back on board!

Now this is not your typical review where I break down the movie, I will be giving you our opinion on this New Installment. The individual that plays our main character is Brie Larson (Carol Danvers), if you are not sure who she is, was in The Trouble with Bliss with Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Rampart with Woody Harrelson, Don John with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and my all-time favorite Scott Pilgrim Saves the World with Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim).

So, we join Carol Danvers on a journey finding out who she really is or was. She is part of a team who is led by Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) that are in a constant war with the Skrulls. Now If you do not know what a Skrull is, they are shape shifting beings that are able to change their whole molecular structure, they can look like you, me, your mom, your cousin, your best friend anyone or anything you can think of they can shape shift into.
Image from Captain Marvel

Carol happens to crash down to earth and runs into Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson) among others that were in her visions at the beginning of the movie. While she is running into these individuals in her visions, she is consistently told that her visions are not real and to ignore them. She is not convinced so she seeks out the woman in her vision who appears the most.

Carol finds Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch), she is the key to finding out who she really is and where she really came from. After this moment happens, they are met with Skrull that says that all he wants is his family back and that the Kree are the ones who started this war and all they are doing is defending themselves. Now right here is where it pushed me back a little in liking the film. Coming from a fan boy if you remember or if you do not know, the Skrull are not beings to be very NICE. They have been attacking Earth for years and been at war with the Kree for decades. But looking at the movie “open minded” I guess it will do, moving on.

Now this whole movie she has been lied to, has been told she is not strong enough, been mentally pushed and kicked down, been held back from her true potential and power until she truly finds out who she is, where she came from, and how she received her mysterious powers. She stands up for what is right and stands strong for justice.

Fast forward a little without giving away too much of the ending of the film, she gains access to her true power and dominates over anything and everything that she is up against. Now keep in mind this movie is based in the 90’s and Infinity War actually takes place in 2018. So over 20’s years have passed since she has learned about her true strength and power. A lot of people are saying that she is not as strong as Thor (Chris Hemsworth). This includes the Stormbreaking wielding Thor. IF you have seen Captain Marvel Movie and saw how power she was in the 90’s, I can only imagine how much more powerful she has become in the current MCU.

Image from Captain Marvel

Now for the verdict of the movie. For me personally this movie has brought me back on board with the MCU Endgame. I have read, watched a ton of reviews, and there has been a lot of mixed feedback on this movie. I am here to tell you that I fairly enjoyed the movie. Yes, there are some things I would change. Just like any other movie that comes out, but I feel this was a great start for this character. I believe that Brie Larson (Carol Danvers), did a fantastic job at portraying. At times I will say she seemed a little plain but when it was her time to shine, oh how she shined, literally! If I had to place this movie in a ranking list, I would place this movie on my top 4 for the MCU.

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