New Overwatch Support Hero revealed Baptiste!

New Overwatch Support Hero revealed Baptiste!


Overwatch Revealed a future Hero through an origin trailer on YouTube today.  Our new support hero is known as” Baptiste”.  The opening video shows a young orphaned Baptiste growing up in the chaos of the Omnic War. He was one of thirty million orphaned in a warzone. An orphaned child, standing with tears falling down his cheek, determination in his eyes and standing upright with a clenched fist.   Tears rolling down his cheek can represent the loss he may have endured as a child (Orphan).  The look of determination can represent the grit needed to survive in a war zone.    What captured my interest was his clenched fist.   The clenched fist could represent several different things.  It could be shown to empower the character that is Baptiste.  This could also be a symbol for aggression, strength or even anger, Baptiste’s anger could stem from the trauma endured by growing up on a battlefield.

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The scene transitions to Baptiste as a young man in combat.  Baptiste talks about doing anything it takes to survive.  Even if surviving leads to killing someone.  He is standing in a firefight moving a wounded comrade from harm.  Next scene shows Baptiste dawning a red helmet.  It appears that he is joining Talon.  Talon is a terrorist organization that opposes team Overwatch.  Talon believes in strengthening humanity through conflict.  As the scene plays on Baptiste is seen putting on his helm to solidify his place as a Trooper for Talon.

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You see a similar scene prior to the one Baptiste experienced as a child.  There is one big difference between the two scenes.  In Baptiste’s orphan scene he is in chaos created by the Omnics.  But the other scene shows a child living in the chaos Talon has created.  This realization has led him to question the man he has become.  He has become the chaos that he despised.  Through his reflection, he makes the choice of making a difference over making a good living.

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” The truth is I had choices and I made them.  But when you think you are a big man.  It is hard to admit you are not a brave one”  


Baptiste will be a new support in the World of Overwatch.  I believe Baptiste’s statement means that he will be a character that can do a tremendous damage as well as have the ability to consistently heal.  If not, there could be some type of mechanic that will allow you to flip between damage and healing.  If my assumption is correct this could be a really be a powerful character for Overwatch Metas.  This would match the theme that he is willing to do anything needed to survive.

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