On The Road Again:  ‘Turn The Page’ a fun, family night out

On The Road Again:  ‘Turn The Page’ a fun, family night out

‘Turn The Page’ a fun, family night out

By Chris Manley
Nestled in a neighborhood west of San Pedro Park Limitless Sports Academy hosted a wrestling event Turn The Page put on by local touring wrestling promotion, Texas Wrestling Entertainment, the event served as a fundraiser for Limitless which is a volleyball training facility for kids and teens. The show also featured a special guest appearance by The Alamo City Roller Girls. TWE often showcases students of the Texas Wrestling Academy who’s well known as the early stomping grounds of top talents like Brian Kendrick, Bryan Danielson and many other top prospects. Those who braved the cold and rain were treated to a really fun night of hard hitting action. Here’s a run down of the night’s card.Nagi vs Demarcus Rashad
Grade B-
This match started slow. So much so an audience member yelled “get some! stop dancing”. Once they got the tie ups and tests of strength out of the way the pace picked up and the match built to a crowd pleasing finish. Rashad has a fun mean streak. He takes any chance he can get to stomp on or kick the head of his opponent when he’s down. That combined with his bad attitude makes this guy a heat seeking missile. Nagi showed nice athleticism and an ability to connect with the kids of the crowd. Despite the help of Rashad’s manager Nagi gets the pin here.

Aran Seras vs Dyl Dempsey
Grade B-
This match had good energy throughout but was plagued early by some clunky timing on a few maneuvers. There was a fun bit where Seras escapes to the outside to catch his breath then Dempsey starts a chant of “chicken” which got the crowd riled up. Dempsey, who’s known for his standout mic abilities and cheater antics as a heel showed good heart in a rare baby face appearance and Seras has good size.
Alex Arsenal vs T-Ray
Grade A-
This was a great match and match of the night for one of my buddies that came with me. Aresenal was a fun conniving heel at one point starting a slow clap for his opponent which got the crowd to clap along. When T-Ray acknowledged the audience love Arsenal took quick advantage attacking him viciously. This match also gave us some really loud chops which garnered groans and winces from all. The highlight of the match was when T-Ray hit an impressive split leg moonsault like he was freakin’ Rob Van Dam.
This was a lot of fun.
Desperado Vs Myka
Grade C
Prior to the match the announcer explained that due to a stipulation from their previous match Desperado having lost now has to fight in a dress until he wins again. An inter gender match featuring a cross dressing luchadore? Sign me up… Unfortunately this match was a mixed bag. There were elements that were awesome and then there were a few bad miscues and mistimed spots as well. At one point Desperado used his shoulder to put his charging opponent over the ropes which got botched leaving her hanging on the ropes as she yells out “shit” but the cross body dive seconds afterward was really good. Myka showed she has a deep bag of tricks hitting an impressive running power slam and a backstabber that looked painful. Desperado had some funny wardrobe malfunctions. The end here went wonky as Desperado got the pin in the middle of the ring and Ref Juan DeJuan counted 1,2,3. Desperado stood up with raised fists, celebrating his victory. Myka talks to the official but we can’t hear what was said. There was nothing about the ending that would’ve garnered a restart but Myka still plead her case. The ref turns to the crowd when outta no where Myka kicks Desperado below the belt, roles him up and the ref again counts 1,2,3. Myka is now declared victor. The ref never called for a restart of the match or gave any explanation leaving the crowd mucho confused.
Afterward there was a fun bit between the roller girls and myka. One of the roller girls unimpressed by Myka says “u think u can fight guys” Myka savagely responds “u can’t talk” which prompted the entire roller girl squad to threaten and taunt her from outside the ring. It was an inventive way to get the special guest involved.
Dre Team vs Whata Team
Grade B
The Dre team, a pair of really in shape guys, caught the eye of the roller girls who started oohing, awwing and cat calling from the audience. Their reaction was more like a performance at hard bodies then a wrestling match which made the rest of the audience laugh. The Dre team showed good chemistry keeping their opponent trapped in the corner denying a tag. Another fun moment had one of the Dre’s pulling a member of Whata Team around by his large beard.
The Whatateam gimmick has potential for comedy gold. Are they Whataburger super fans? Are they whata employees by day, wrestlers by night? Unfortunately Whatateam failed  to make good use of their gimmick here this night. Just a little back story or a few well timed puns could go along way in getting over with a crowd.
Moonshine Mantell vs Nobe Bryant
Grade A-
This match, the match of the night for me, was between two of Texas’s top prospects. It was high energy and stiff. These two were beating the crap outta each other.
They too caught the eye of the roller girls. As Mantell grabs his opponent around the waist a roller girl yells out “Ok now do that to me.” Nobe Bryant has charisma as he connected well getting the kids cheering for him throughout. Nobe showed stellar athleticism hitting a wheelbarrow victory roll that looked like a million bucks. Mantell really impressed in a bad ass brawl that erupted throughout the crowd. Mantell is on fire lately recently appearing on a episode of “Being The Elite”.
Grade for TWE Turn The Page
Overall the show was a fun family friendly night out. The facility was nice and easy to find. Paid parking was available for those who didn’t want to park on the neighborhood street. My only criticism, at the risk of sounding like a grandpa, would be the music was very loud which made it hard to talk. I’d definitely recommend future TWE events to families looking for something to do on the weekend as there was plenty of opportunities for kids to snap pics with their favorite wrestlers.
You can catch the next TWE event Feb 16th at Get Up Productions 3813 Pleasanton Rd tickets $7
Visit https://m.facebook.com/texaswrestlingentertainment/?tsid=0.7406035628753641&source=result

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