10,000 players go head-to-head in the biggest online battle ever seen in gaming… and the first clash is just weeks away!

London tech start-up Hadean is pleased to reveal Aether Wars, its technology showcase that will bring together a record-breaking number of PC players for an enormous deathmatch battle.

Aether Wars will host 10,000 space pilots fighting for survival in a free-to-play deathmatch frenzy. In doing so, Aether Wars will shatter the record for the most concurrent players involved in a single online battle, currently held by CCP Games with 6,142 players in EVE Online.

Players need to adapt quickly when they’re dropped into the Aether Wars deathmatch arena, as the unprecedented number of combatants means old deathmatch tactics no longer apply. Using asteroids for cover and outrunning enemy missiles, pilots will need to find the right mix of defensive tactics and aggression to survive the chaos while also securing kills of their own to climb the fiercely competitive leaderboard.

Aether Wars has been created as a showcase for Aether Engine, Hadean’s distributed spatial simulation engine. Aether Engine will allow developers to create fully destructible and persistent game worlds that scale seamlessly across multiple servers. Through this pioneering technology, Aether Wars will offer gamers and developers their first glimpse at the future of online multiplayer.

The first step towards the record-breaking battle will be a smaller skirmish with 1,000 players in the next few weeks, with the full record-breaking 10,000 player extravaganza to follow at a later date.

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