River City Wrestling  Friday Feb 22nd

River City Wrestling  Friday Feb 22nd

River City Wrestling

Friday Feb 22nd 8pm
Turner Club 5556 Duffek Drive
Tickets $20-40

RCW booker Boom Boom Oliver has an incredibly keen eye for talent or a magical crystal ball as he always seems to know who’s gonna be signed to a WWE contract soon. They featured EC3 who shortly there after signs with NXT. They featured Double J who shortly there after joins the WWE HOF. They make the monster Abyss their champion who then shortly there after… well you get the point. RCW often features big promotion talent on the verge of becoming big TV stars with millions of dollars. As the advertising suggests the female in ring competitors will be the focus of River City Wrestling’s latest offering featuring an appearance by legend Gail Kim and impact wrestling’s internet famous heart breaker Scarlett Bourdeaux.

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