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Equip the Big Guns to Fight a Giant Spider, Play the Newest Warframe, Mod the K-Drive, Save Cute Animals, and More!

LONDON, ON – January 28, 2019 – Following in the footsteps of Fortuna, last fall’s open-world expansion on PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One, Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes has woven fresh new missions, deeper lore, and giant robotic spiders into a dangerous web of cooperative online action with Warframe®’s Fortuna: The Profit-Taker, arriving on PS4 and Xbox One for free tomorrow, Tuesday, January 29.

The greedy profiteer Nef Anyo’s grip on the Orb Vallis must be loosened and that means confronting one of Fortuna’s biggest enemies, the mechanical spider-boss, the Profit-Taker. Players ready to go “big” will engage in new missions to acquire the Archwing’s biggest guns for Warframes on-foot to crush the Profit-Taker with a show of cooperative, strategic force. Earn and equip the new Warframe, Baruuk, and engage in a mix of pacifism and savagery to wipe out Corpus armies; discover new animal species to tranq, trap, save the Orb Vallis’ cutest new denizens, and collect dozens of new items including weapons, customizations, and enhancements in the new Warframe update.

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